Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Glendale galleria

I remember when the Glendale galleria was first built and it was the best place to shop. There were plenty of girls to watch, plenty of stores to enter, etc. My first traumatic experience at the mall was when a group of friends were dropped off at the Eagle Rock plaza to watch a movie. After the movie was over, we didn't have a ride back so it was decided to walk all the way to the Galleria where my Dad was supposed to meet us. It was traumatic, I guess, because it was my friend who spoke to my Pop on a payphone at the Eagle Rock mall. So stupid. Since this story is a long one I'll cut it short. It made me feel like there was no communication between me and my old man.

Now I here the galleria will one day bd abolished
Another trauma there was when I was a little older and was caught ditching school with a couple friends. Dad came to pick me up. Heh, there was no confusion about my whereabouts that time. Just ask information at the mall where the security offices are located.

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