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The topsey turvey report

Ions ago I surfed the web hunting for information that could fill in the gaps while I contemplated a freelance career storyboarding. I discovered a cool little site called showbiz data dot com which contained updated information on pitch sales for movie ideas. I know that technically a pitch sale isn't the same as an actual script sale, but I began tinkering with ways to manipulate the updated data at the site so that I could include it in my blog infer the subject showbiz data.

Unsuccessful as I was, regardless of what a seasoned hacker might think, I began to manually visit the web sight and copy and paste the info into BBEdit so I could manipulate the HTML code there. What I was thinking was that I would accumulate loads of this sales data and use the search feature in my lj profile to do title searches for movies that are being released. This would give me a rough idea of how long it takes for a movie to be made from it's inception. To this day, considering I scrutinize this list by hand before posting and so read most every title in it (so that I can cross out anything affiliated with dreamworks and/or Spielberg, I don't think anything from the list has actually completed the production phase. This makes me feel like showbiz data is BS, only after people's money by enticing them with phoney pitch sales to appeal to their curiosity over what else the web site can offer them with a paid membership.

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