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I ♥ this photo

finding pictures like these on twitter is the only reason I subscribe. My phone alerts me several times a day, and I fantasize that maybe it could be somebody sending me a real, personal text message. Half the time it turns out to be somebody re-tweeting an original tweet for which I've set my cell phone to sound when something new is posted.

here are two photos

The first pic shows somebody enjoying a relaxing sit in front of the building where I work. Notice how comfortable the anonymous person seems to be in this bright shiny day. I am seriously considering taking more pictures with these exact scenarios more often. This opportune moment just happened to present itself upon returning from my lunch break.
In this second photo, you will notice the drunken path which a customer has to make to make her way into the building where I work. This entry really should've been formally printed on bond paper and addressed to the councilman, but I'm still not too clear on the format I need to use for printing photos with clarity. I saw a news segment just yesterday about something similar too. Yesterday's news had something about the way the Staples center building code legitimately accounted for the barrier height used in upper level box sears where a small boy accidentally plunged to his death. Incidentally, I could've sworn I heard Ana say the little boy was a little girl, but my point being this. Back when my co-workers and I participated inplanning stage community meetings regarding the style cad architecture of the Cypress Park Library, the developers came thru for us with two park benches in a small backyard patio. The same two benches I am taking pictures of here and now. I think I would've rather that those benches been stolen by the same people who are robbing various locations of copper and/or metals.

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