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The last time a book caught my interest was when there had been so much commotion over the Da Vinci code. Following that great novel were various versions of conspiracy theory books. One of them had some information about Christ and a somewhat more scientific calculation of when he was born. Having something of a Jesus complex myself, thanks to this book, I came to wonder whether it might be true that he could have been born on the same day I was, making us both Pisces born on a cusp.

I lost track of that book before making an honest attempt to read past the blurb. I wish I had logged the title of it so I might try to read it now.

I keep saying I'll jot things down so I don't have a giant question mark over my head all the time. That's why I'm writing about this book title before I've even read it. It's by William Cooper. God, my college design teacher's name was Cooper.

The book looks interesting enough. It is about the writers recollection of such things as the Kennedy assassination, UFO's, the iron curtain, etc. Apparently, this William fellow has a lot of inside information having been a member of the U.S. Naval Intelligence briefing team. Doesn't this just sound exactly like NCIS?

This book is available at your local library. Flipping thru the pages reveals scans of letterhead docs, faxes, memos and what-not. Call number is 353 C7775 1991

Oh shoot! This book's been published already? Since1991? Ooh, look at the pretty Rahman symbol behind the title page next to the publishing company information. I didn't know this was a reissue. There's something about the smell of a new book, though. Isn't there?

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