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WIFI is down, so I can't write this using my iPod

I need my iPod because I received two or three new pix that I want to download. It isn't fun downloading the pix on the computer at work because it isn't iPod compatible. The only reason I subscribe to twitter is for these pix I receive from time to time. Whenever I visit my doctor, he asks me about She of TV4. BTW, my physician has been more help psychologically than my therapist regarding this She of TV4 obsession.

Anyway, he, my doctor, asks me if I'm tired of her. Her, meaning She of TV4. You know, it's been about five years that I've been tuning in to her newscast. Then I discovered that She has a twitter account. This was about a year ago, I guess. I tell my doctor, "No, I'm not tired of her." He interrupts with "Do you know her?" and I don't want to go thru the whole it's-a-long-story thing. So I just tell him "You know what's tiring? Her tweets." But all he says is don't read them. Don't read them?! That's insane. How else would I get the terrific footage of her with celebrities?
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