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IMDB=acronym for I am dumb bastard

      So I have no self esteem and last night I was browsing imdb because… having read my birth chart, I'm getting sucked into believing that compatible mates with pisces are Leos, Taurus', and the water signs. I did this once before years ago when I was determined to look up all the female celebrity scorpios to get an idea of what they look like and how they act and what major roles they're selected to act in as I'm a firm believer that actors are best fit to play parts for which they know, and have some characteristics of, a thing or two about.
      Basically, I'm just blocked right now and I'm trying to think of how to label a character in my SP who miserably suffers from loneliness.
      The way I go about this tedious task of researching endless list of entertainment field celebrities is by pulling up an actor, say for instance, Jason Patric. At the top of his page is his birthdate (whether or not these dates are accurate is beyond my knowledge and I do not double check this source). Clicking on his birthday brings you to a page containing anybody and everybody in the industry who has similar dates of birth. I go down the list of everyone who contains a birthday between the dates (April 21 to May 21) and (June 22 to July 23). These are the dates covered for people born under the signs of Taurus and Leo respectively. A quick way would be to read the URL for the page which looks something like this
      Changing the day criteria from 22 to whatever will bring up the list of people with b-days that fall on that particular date. The same applies to changing the month.

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