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Overrated 3G service

When I saw my bill, I wasn't happy. I had gone over my 1 GB allowance even after I had made some attempt to keep tabs on my balance by logging myself in to see my Sprint usage and guesstimating how much I had to spare. So I cancelled my data plan, which is the beauty of this new Sprint ZTE Peel for my iPd touch. I can cancel at any time and start it back up without worrying about contract violations.

I was all decided to buy myself a smart phone come August when my upgrade bonus kicks in, bit I changed my mind. Yes, the Epic by Samsung allows for hot spot sharing, but I still don't want to relearn all the software available for mobile devices. I invested too much time on my iPod, not to mention the downloads I've made which weren't free, to try to mix myself up with compatibility issues--heh, reminds me of the dating software I'm having zero luck with.

I saw a commercial advertising the iPhone 3G S for $45. I'm considering it, but although I'll be eligible for an upgrade discount, that still doesn't mean that my contract will be up. I think my contract expires in Aug. 2012. I don't know. I'll ask if I'm eligible, I hear a voice in my head say like Fay Grim when she visited her brother in jail and asks him to try to ask for an early release for good behavior.

That's ok if I'm not. It just means I have that much more time to scrutinize the att plans as well as the Verizon plans. Who knows, maybe by next year there'll be talk of Sprint getting their own iPhone.

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