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While at the library, I was quietly listening to my tunes while putting away books. Since we're closed Mondays,still, the punks chillaxing on the benches out front thought noone would suspect anything if they etched their sign on the glass. Especially since the shades were drawn closed. But I happen to passing and I hear tapping on glass. Thinking that they knew I was in the building and that they might be wanting to talk to somebody about something, I peer from behind wall only to see plump Dude with big ass knife carving away. I walk toward them completely confident that glass door is more than safe. In other words, I wasn't thinking they might also be carrying a gun. Fortunately, the only walked away peacefully when they acknowledged my approach.

It was only after they left that my mind began to worry that they might've retaliated somehow, like busting a cap and Shiite.

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