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Bike night

Why do I over analyze my stupid self? Other day, I found myself having a good time because some total stranger I had met offered my a drink. I didn't get as loaded as he was, but I took a decent swig of the capt'n Morgan bottle of rum. Stupid, because I fucking embarrass myself. It's one thing to share a bottle of strong liquor, quite another sharing a bottle of beer. So I run this scene over and over again in my head and I ask myself, why am I so stupid that I would offer somebody I've never met before a drink from my bottle of King Cobra beer. Jeez, I can't even remember what I was drinking on the bus to Indio. Couldn't help thinking about the distilled beverage the natives drink in South America. Something about saliva based liquor.

I'm riding out to bike night after work. Having second thoughts as that would mean riding back home as late as 10PM. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so far, some 35miles, but since I have a free day tomorrow, and the weather doesn't seem like it's going to be so cold after dark, I have to make some effort, no matter how feeble, to get out more and mingle.

I'm taking the new sprocket rocket camera I got the other day to see if the flash works, something I shoulda done on day one when I got my Holga. It should be interesting, me fumbling with camera the way I was at the big four concert. And what did I say I learned? Spectators are very photogenic. Bear with me while I repeat that. Spectators are photogenic.
Spectators are photogenic.
Spectators are photogenic.
Spectators are photogenic.
Spectators are photogenic.

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