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On analog pictures taken in Indio. Don't expect much

I took my film in to be developed and asked them if the Holga expert might be able to look at my camera to troubleshoot, possibly fix, the flash feature which never worked from day one of buying the toy camera. The guy in charge only offered to replace my camera for a functional version because nothing could be done as far as dismantling and fixing the problem. I declined because I've grown attached to my Holga.

When I brought the camera in, however, for the staff to look at, not even the trigger switch was working. And in all the commotion of the concert the other night, I have no idea whether any of the pictures I thought I was exposing actually got exposed. I tried to get as close as I could and, in doing so, probably squished the camera beyond acceptability. Poor Holga.

Remembering how the film cover came off because I hadn't taped it up is also a factor in the bad photos I expect to see when my film is processed. How embarrassing. At least I managed to bring my camera in to the folks at Freestyle Photo to show them that, if my pictures seem as though they've been exposed to excessive light leaks, please attribute that to the trigger switch and not my inability to take a picture. Those guys are really cool about everything, and even though they may see that the light leaks in my film couldn't have possibly been a result of the malfunctioning trigger switch, I'm sure they would only attempt to offer constructive advice.

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