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“Hello, that's bullshit. I was at the concert this Saturday. I'm trying to leave a voice post on my blog but I couldn't really hear the operator when she says if you're calling from the authorized number press pound and then press your pin number and all that. So I kept trying and trying and must have called like several times I don't know twenty. But it was a cool concert you know but I must say it and it was ok. It would've been nice to have seen Slayer in their full glory with the regular band members but Jeff, Jeff Hannah man were on sick leave so he couldn't play. Anyway I would've been ranting and raving but you probably wouldn't have that not word in Ed life with what I've said cos with the meager things put around and stuff. Ok well just what I need to touch this out to see if there was something wrong with my phone or if there's something new that I don't know. I've been switching phones so I still haven't found the ultimate cell phone. I'm thinking that Tahoma(?) I think it was Tahoma(?) that I was looking at or if some other one I don't know. I can't remember what it's called. Okie doke.”

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