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Bier de Stone


17th April, 2011 © blanket sin – "cherry_blossom_095"

And these were the only pictures I thought worthwhile to post, out of a roll of 36 exposure. So you can see what I'm dealing with in the area of brains. Normal people would chuck the prehistoric camera after realizing that the hack job done on them to accommodate 35mm film was a wasted effort and invest in something new and shiny. Not me. While it's depressing and embarrassing taking a roll of film to get developed, I only see the good points in having underexposed my film. Like nobody at the lab knows what they hell I was shooting, my inclusion in the various group shots are blurred and grainy, which helps enforce my decision to try to keep this blog anonymous and share my pictures simultaneously. Now, however, I just wanna go to Disneyland.


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