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Bier de Stone

Take a picture with no viewfinder

17th April, 2011 © blanket sin – "Hemet_poker_run_098"

When I pulled out the Instamatic here, I forgot to remove the tape I use to cover the view finder for reducing light leaks. The gal who took this shot had been dabbling with a digital camera and that's what impelled me to ask her for the favor. I would never had made it this far in the Pasadena Motorcycle Club's poker run had I not met up with the to adjacent riders on either side. My sense of direction is completely shattered and I had only made it as far as Disneyland before hooking up with Chet and Mike. I forget if Chet is short for Chester, or if I even have his name right but these are the guys to convinced me to ride along with them for the Greenhorn tour in May.

The hotel I booked has a swimming pool, and I'm hoping I'll find someplace to get a massage there. So I'm trying to tone my gut by doing stomach crunches. I doubt I'll see any results before May, but even some exercise is healthy. Right?


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