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I just got a chance to read the entries I was posting the other night when I went to see Insidious. What the hell was I thinking about?! Jeez, then there's the voice post. OMG.

I can't even reflect on how I enjoyed or dreaded the movie, I was so down about things. The plan was to go see a movie with a friend and she welshed out. Movies alone are no fun. That's why I rarely go see anything that even looks the slightest bit interesting. I'll only go to stuff that I can reflect on, and that means movies that I can see myself in as one of the characters. Insidious turned out to be something right down my alley, though I wouldn't have known by the ads I've seen. It's about a boy who suffers a concussion and ends up in a coma. So the parents of this little boy are forced to make some serious decisions.

The parents seem very likable, although I couldn't get out of my head the way they made living together appear easy. That's really just me dealing with my own hang ups in life. I don't see myself ever finding somebody I could be so accommodating for since I've lived alone for such a long time. And it seems that the mother of this small family begins to fear a presence in the house. You know the kind, strange noises unaccounted for,shadows, etc. It gets to a point in certain scenes which contain suspenseful action depicting the macabre, that realism loses it's hold on the film. Don't get me wrong, the special effects, the suspenseful scenes, and whatever else I can't remember, are all attention grabbing. I'm just not happy with the far fetched because then I find myself wondering whether the characters in the film aren't just nut cases, or on drugs.

Also, because of my perspective on things, my views on the poor kid who fell into a coma had me thinking how cool it would be to continue the story about him as a grown adult who discovers heavy metal is a sound that goes well with the repeated knocks he takes on the head. Although my idea that all heavy metal music lovers at one point or another hit their heads really hard can't possibly be true, it made for an enjoyable backstory had the lives of this family progressed in the film several years into the future. I mean, with all the convoluted subject matter that is thrown around at the expense of the parents' family crisis, and the comatose child, it's hard to even remember whether the child awakens out of his coma at the end of the movie. If I thought about it really hard, I might be able to answer that question, but nobody wants to have to think that hard for such an irrelevant detail (compared to all the sudden demonic appearances which take place).
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