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Da Vinci Code, the movie

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      Films like these, which are bound to be followed by a sequal, don't catch my interest. I only went to this showing because Audrey Tautou is in it and I really liked the two films I saw where she is the main character:

  1. A very long engagement

  2. Ámelie

      As much as I am a fan of the plot of Da Vinci Code, I did not rush off to the theaters the moment I heard it would debut. My day job doesn't allow for this kind of kickback. What I do receive from work is a discount on the ridiculous $12-15.00 admittance fee for a movie ticket after 6pm. There is a catch though. I cannot see a newly released film until after it has been in theaters for two weeks; but this restriction only applies to some theaters. Not all.
      If a person decides to make an evening of it, with popcorn as the main course on the dinner menu, then of course the wait is worth it. I don't know about you, but I have sensitive taste buds. So on with the review. The movie sucked and didn't live up to it's reputation for handling such a popular Dan Brown novel, and a beautiful actress. I only hold this opinion because the most interesting parts in the film were the FLASHBACK/CUT TO: scenes in which medieval times are being explained by one of the scholarly characters, and [these] historical events are depicted in live motion. I won't lie to you, though. At the end of the film I heard people say they simply didn't follow the plot.
      Thanks to my current job, I've never read more books in my life and, since I've always been a fan of King Arthur and the round table, I tried to find a good version of the fairytale. However, that's all it was to me. A fairytale. My friend who knew about my fascination recommended reading up on the Knights Templar. So I got myself some books (totalling 4 or 5) on medieval history dating back to the 14th and 15th century. Needless to say, by the time Dan Brown released his novel, I had practically read everything short of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. So I was not lost in the film. I followed it very well and when it becomes available on cable, I'll see it again and again.
      As far as Audrey's role in the film, I still intend to purchase her previous two films on DVD, but Ron Howard's film didn't do her justice. I'll still see Angels & Demons if and when it gets made. It is in development on IMDB and I sought to buy a few shares on hsx but so far they have no listing of it.
      Next film I would like to see is Lake House. I read a few reviews on a similar film called The break up which I also thought might be good. That was before the reviews I read on lj. I would love to hear what annamaryse would say about Lake house. So, would I recommend Da Vinci Code? Anybody who has not seen Audrey Tautou in the films mentioned early should see her in this. It would be the first mainstream film from a rising beauty that peeps will link her with when she conquers the film industry as we know it.

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