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The neighbors

      I grew up in this neighborhood and despite a few traumatic experiences, I like where I live. This morning I said to myself, I'm going to cram in several hours of reading Oskar Schindler: The untold account of his life, wartime activities, and the true story behind The List   before I start work. Yesterday I also said to myself I should read several hours of this book after having been let out early.
      Yesterday I had no excuse. I got lost in tweaking my lj site. Today, the school down the street is having their annual baseball game (Teachers vs. Graduating Class.) At least I think that's what they're doing. They have a loud MC singing "Take me out to the ball game", "Star Spangled Banner" and play by play action. It's 9:11a now, I don't start work until 11:30 so perhaps I've had my fill of morning coffee with eMail and can shut down my PC and concentrate a bit.
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