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penants, or what would you call it? pennants


I’m home safely. Thanks for caring. tonight was great.

As much as I would disagree with the idea of getting out more, tonight was unreal. I met up with totaly strangers at various bars in westwood interested in one thing. Run on, please… socializing.

This, tonite, was typical of what I imagine a normal weekend nite, a Friday night aught to be (after a hard days work). And I spent it with the most opposing, negative thinking person I could. Normally, people try to hang out with peeps they have at least two things in commong, but me? No, I am determined to overcome the boundary of incompatibility. I go out with people I can nothing in common with.

WHY? becuz we work together. And, my partner in crime is key to my grasp with reality. While my drinking buddy, if you’d call it that, blah blah blah.


I have to wake up at 7AM tomorrow.

I lost my phone. Fuck! the bullshit of a clip malfunctioned and I don’t know if I dropped it on me way from one stupid watering hole to another. OR inside my ride. I don’t know how much drinking my friends did, because, well, that’s just the kind of folk I hang with now, but I don’t know anything more than having rendezvoused at Barney’s Beanery in Westwood to scamble over to W, then to O’harras ( because my date happens to be obsessed with the Irish as drinkers, I guess) What was I saying? Oh yes, it’s late and I can’t get to sleep becuz I needed to drink some coffee to sober me up after 4 drinks. What did I have? Uh, Two DEERSLAYERS, if I recall correctly, AND one CARBOMB.

cough cough. First date awkwardness couldn’t have been half as bad as tonight went. Becuz I was practically chauffeured from one point to another, where I would never have found my way, ever, I’m expected to what? such cock? Hah! Yeah. That’s going to happen. Sorry. I have seizures, I’m not ashamed to admit. Leave me alone.

Do I have receipts for where I’ve been. Hah!!!

The only receipt I may have is for a tab when i started experimenting with whisky drinks. I favored the DEERSLAYER BTW.   Now what? well… I gotta call my cell provider, explain what happened, touch base with drinking partner (ask if cell is possibly in car), and activate another phone. ANOTHER PHONE.

I’m going to be carrying around an obsolete cell phone that, well, that’s obsolete. I’ll be surprised if the cell phone rep know what the hell I’m talking about when I tell them which model phone I want to activate. WTF?

I thought I was being gentlemanly and polite with people. Why this karma. Why?

OK, pause now to catch up on the 6 o’clock news.

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