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Yes, I said I would be posting movie script formatted excerpts here, but that would be lame. If I did that, my entries would sound forced and labored. I still plan on doing the screenwriting thing, but what with the cold, lower back pain, stress, new projects, the screenwriting thing goes on the back burner. 

I'm hungry. 

Ooh look!! The window is scrolling even though I've reached 10+ lines of typewritten text. Good ol' Vita. I loves ya. 

Did I mention I'm hungry. I'll have a late lunch only because of how scheduling ended up with co-worker calling in sick. I don't want chicken. Been eating rotisserie chicken all week from Costco.

My pizza stone should arrive today. The new project is wood-fired pizza ovens. I'll take pix as progress continues, but I'm using analog camera and updates won't be immediate. So excited. Can hardly wait to cook my first pizza in there.
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