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How to change the format of my blog by using it for brainstorming

These pictures cover about a month of doodling during down time at work. I'm only now displaying them because I the paper I was working with was stapled together and it just seemed easier to keep them grappled together so nothing strays. When I start doodling, I don't have a specific image in mind. I just start making marks on the paper and work from that, letting my imagination run wild.

This first piece was done with my right hand. A co-worker who takes interest in my drawing asked me if I was ambidextrous when she saw the next illustration, which I did with my left hand. This may sound weird, but I am right handed. If you scrutinize these pictures, zooming in close enough, you will see that the pen strokes flow more smoothly in the pictures I indicate I draw with my right hand than they do with the pictures I draw with my left hand.

If you are asking yourself why, the reason is I seldom have any good ideas of what to draw when I start doodling with my right hand. And I find that if I let my left hand do the talking, my creativity shines. Just compare the difference in composition between the bird next to the train tracks with the cookie jar next to a window.

Upon noticing the difference, I decided I should let my left hand work on the storyboard which I've been procrastinating for months now. I believe I attempted to access my left hands opinion of image placement while my right hand did all the grunge work. Finally, in the grim reaper image, I reverse the technique and allowed my left hand to ask my right hand what to draw. In other words, a quick outline with my right hand allowed my left hand to fill in the picture of a humming bird, a street sign with grass growing on it, and death.

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