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I didn't even try to view since Yahoo! hasn't had a geocities web site for several years now. Everytime I think of geocities, I can't help thinking of the live web cam of Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood. Here's what google pulled up when I plugged the geocities url into it. Matt Bucher » DFW

URLs listed in the Infinite jest: a readers guide book I picked up after only 70 pages of the actual novel. It's nice to know that my bewilderment in the author's crazed attempt to compose sentences consisting of more than 50 words, comprising whole paragraphs, has been duly noted by contemporary fiction scholars. This url didn't turn up anything, but googling it did produce Matt Bucher link. Incidentally, it was fun surfing waste dot org. Having thought I could pull up the root directory of the domain and find the url resulted in an entertaining moment of curiosity. not yet accessed. It's late and I gotta wake up early tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll have a better opportunity to visit these links more thoroughly later in the week. Your guess is as good as mine whether they still work. … I just hope I don't have any typos in these URLs when I come back to them
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