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Healthy hair is happy hair?

      I don't want a mullet on my head. That would look just as silly as the guy in the Snickers commercial who's in denial about his receding hair. I was chatting idly with the hairdresser as she commented how long my hear really is when it's stretched and uncurled. The first thing they ask at a salon is "What kind of cut do you want?" I explained that I'm only there for a trim, and some advice as to what I can do after the frizz control stuff wears out and my hair expands. All I really wanted to know is how/why people tell me that cutting the back shorter than every place else is the phase people go thru when they decide to grow their hair long. I heard the word "mullet" and the image I get from that is one of a conquistador type of helmet. I look up mullet and see that it's a kind of fish. Red mullets swim in water their entire life. I don't want my hair to look like that. So I pay the lady $25 and she trims a little here, there, etc. She uses Redkin shampoo with coconut oil, and Ringlet 07 gel. One pump oughta do it.
      I come home with an appetite and decide to go to KFC. The lines too long there so I go to a little Salvadoran Mom & Pop restaurant. They're not open yet. I walk towards McDonalds, stop in my tracks and turn 180 degrees and head for Down Beat Cafe. There I had the…watchamacallit…
(I once did a search for Bri on lj because I didn't have anything better to do and found the word "brie" and added it to my info page as an interest to be followed on a later date) I'm not sure what to expect with the cheese, but I request brie cheese on the side with my lunch. Never had it before. It turns out the food is delicious, but the cheese is slightly bitter/cheesie. What happened was I didn't peel off the damn wax shell and I'm eating delicious cheese, with bitter wax shell. Honestly, I feel like a little baby who still needs to be mouth fed. Is there any wonder I felt people were staring? Or, is that the paranoia talking? Now my toilets clogged and I'm going on a short hunger strike until I can get the toilet to flush again.

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