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I'm not ashamed to say that I'm registered in dating services. However, I have qualms about meeting people there. I mean, what if we hit it off, get hitched, and raise a family? Will my daughter understand that her mom and dad met on a dating service? She will if her mom is a computer geek too, I suppose.

Having said that, the shame occurs when when I can't manage to meet a single person I find interesting. I've scoured most mainstream sites, and they're all basically the same. Loads of women to choose from, little results. It's as if all the peeps who sign up become discouraged too and forget they even have an account to check back too.

Recently, I reactivated my zoosk accoutrements. Now I remember why I left them in the first place. $50 to get results is equal to finding a red light district in town. I remember, before the Internet, being robbed by a match up site just like zoosk. It's all a crock, or maybe I just don't want to make too much effort to get involved with anybody because, after all, relationships are another... what's the word?

Anyway, I tried the next best thing. I registered my zoosk account under the user name bierdestone, and since zoosk is a stickler for not allowing email info, SMS info, or anything that will take business away from their nifty texting feature for their registered users, I wrote in my desciption information that my ideal match should somebody computer savvy who could locate me elsewhere with ease. Hence, this post.

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