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R.Downey and Z.Galafianakis fused to record in DUE DATE time piece material

I haven't laughed during a movie so much since Hangover.

Direct TV has promo, any three free pay per view movies within the next three months. The third and final flick I chose was Due date. And I checked the mailer to make sure, upon purchasing Due date, that I was still within the time frame of the promotional. It's just my way of tellling Direct TV that pay per view was much more pleasing when one could buy a movie for $3 something and save onto the TiVo indefinitely.

There's so much going on in this movie, it is difficult to not want to watch it more than once. Pig latin? really? Who speaks that anymore? and yet Downey has a scene in which I swear I thought I heard his lines as "You promised you would get me to my high school sweetheart to see her give birth"

I think the DVD is flaoting around in the library already too, but I may be wrong. I might be mistaking Due date for Kind of a funny story, which also has Galafianakis in a leading role. The thing is, watching movies in hi-def 1080i is much more pleasing than watching a movie on DVD. I may happily decline to watch the DVD now that I've had a descent fix of movie madness. How did Galafianakis get to be the new Cheeck & Chong all rolled into one? Is it in my head, or am I hearing thins? Doesn't Zak's last name sound like "I qualified for a kiss from Ana" in Spanslish?

This Direct TV version of the movie I got to see tonight came with a little surprise after the credits rolled by too. Comments and interviews of those involved in the making of Due date were revealed. I enjoy these tid bits from time to time because I find them inspiring. For instance, knowing that the stomach scene was the brainchild of Downey/Galafianakis, and not the writer, eases the pressure in wanting to include each and every detain in the screenplay I'm trying to write. Hearing how much actors contribute to a scene despite what may or may not be written in direction of the screenplay is helpful. If I do come across the DVD, I just might spend some time watching the film again, only this time with the comments feature turned on in special features (if available).

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