Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

I love June-gloom

I always say bright shiny days are just hard on my eyes. I am constantly being reminded by the peeps I work with of what a beautiful day it is (when the sun is out). This makes me feel like I'm in a PG movie, or watching something family oriented on TV. Oddly enough, when I voice my own pref for gloominess, I'm stereotyped as having vampiric characteristics. In truth, I only dislike hot sunny days because I spent a lot of my time scrounging for income by fixing up people's yards (weeding, mowing lawns, painting fences, walls, houses, etc.) and I gotta say, it's so much more pleasant doing labor intensive work under an overcast sky.
      Coming down with a cold in this heat is hell, but common colds are less difficult to recuperate from a cold in hot weather. Last weekend I made plans to go out and almost stayed at home feeling sick. I wasn't running a fever and it's almost as if the two whiskeys I downed were more medicinal than anything else. WASP was an awesome performance at the Key Club. I really liked the Lizzy Borden part of the show. I don't have any songs by Lizzy Borden, but that may end soon.
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