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Parker Posey

I'm always seeing things. The other day, it gets so boring here at the library sometimes, I images that one of the tutors helping the kids with there studies was Parker Posey. I guess it's because i spent yet another 90 minutes watching Fay Grim. What is it mow, the umpteenth time? So I finally got around to downloading the movie soundtrack. And, while I make my way to my therapy session, have the thing playing on my iPod. What fun. It was almost like I was one of the characters looking for Henry Fool.

Needless to say, the Christian name did come up during session. I got no feedback from doc headshrink. It's almost scary to stop talking long enough to let doc headshrink get a word in. I came out of session thinking I need to verbalized my ideas more often; as that right there was therapeutic, listening to myself rant in as comprensive a manner as one might attempt in writing. It's a challange as speaking doesn't allow as much time for thoughtfulness in structure as writing does.
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