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So I scheduled an appointment to see my therapist. I'm kinda nervous. I've been watching that HBO show In treatment and I'm having a bit more confidence in the study of psychology. Still, I know I'll be caught being wrong on all points when it comes to explaining myself and/or describing who I am and what I desire to achieve in coming there. In other words, I don't know who I am, who I want to be, or why it is I think I need therapy. The only plus side to all this is that I will be excused from work. Normally, I would be taking the time to catch a movie to try to recuperate from the harangue of work, but there isn't really anything I feel like wasting 90 minutes of my time sitting in a room full of people staring dumbly into a screen. Highland Park sounds good, Inside out sounds good..,
I saw a test screening of the movie recently and while the movie is not a disaster , boy does it need a lot of work. LOTS. Triple H was surprisingly good, he can act alright but he just wasn't given much to do or say. The movie was definitely not what I expected when I heard we were seeing a WWE movie. It's extremely light on any kind of action, its the polar opposite of The Marine. I guess I really just wanted Triple H to kick some ass but it only really comes out in one scene. Unfortunately the movie lacks a lot or any kind of style. I felt it was akin to a TV movie, an older one. Michael Rapaport seems to be playing the character he plays in every movie now. I wonder exactly what kind of budget this movie has because it just seemed to lack the quality of a theatrical release. Whoever the little girl in the picture was she was one of the better people in the film, but if I were HHH I'd be pissed at how this came out, which at the moment is dull. Hopefully in the time they have they can reshoot some action (more than the 1), tone down the Rapaport and bring Triple H to the forefront of the movie, because I thought he was supposed to be the main character. -canneryrowdoc
Sunny side up sounds good, but what am I suppose to do until the release date? My co-payment is $10.00 to see my shrink. It's less than a ticket to a movie and it takes less time too. I mean, I use to feel guilty driving around in my heavy gas guzzler of a car because I was always the sole person sitting in it when there was a shotgun seat, two back seats, etc. It felt great when I started riding because now I can not only save on gas, parking is free. Can't beat that. The only thing is, if I don't like the movie, I feel guilty as hell for wasting my time and not walking out. I should walk out of movies more often.
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