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(click for illustration)      Last week I finally went to see Da Vinci Code. It wasn't as bad as I'm hearing some of the critics complain. I notice that those unfavory critics don't attribute the lack of blockbuster quality of this film is due to court tie-ups which Dan Brown won. I didn't hear the director say that he probably instigated interest from news networks to cover the scandal. I only was interested in watch Audrey Tautou's performance in the film AND the screenplay technique Akiva Goldman used to transform novel to screen.
      After I read Da Vinci Code, I couldn't wait to read Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Obviously, the original nineteen eighty-something (198?) publication would not contain a forward mentioning accusations being made by Baigent & Leigh over possible plagiarism in Dan Brown's book. At that time, I couldn't find anything about legal disputes in the news?
      The law suit may have been filed in the UK and IMO America doesn't always get the UK. A CD released in the UK isn't always available in the US at the same time. I'm patiently waiting for the US release of PRIMAL SCREAM`s new CD, Riot City Blues SEE Country Girl which I believe is June 26. iTunes doesn't show that album/single as a downloadable MP3. One must visit the UK (iTunes) store, and I since I don't know how to go about switching country stores, I do this by visiting PRIMAL SCREAM`s official site and clicking DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE.
      In the meantime, all I can do to amuse myself on a Friday is stay at home and doodle my little life away (see cartoon). I hope you enjoy.

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