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I can think of no greater humility than to see my response in print

In an email i received concerning the upcoming election for Measure L, I spent some time voicing my own personal concern as I've done before on previous occasions here on lj.

  1. July 15, 2009
  2. July 11, 2009
  3. August 14, 2010

Daily News wants to hear from the public, so this is our chance to voice the importance of our libraries to our community! Please forward to other library supporters so they can speak out as well.

Below are some quick facts just in case they're needed, and my very own message which I have just sent in. Let's keep on fighting!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my opinion on measure L initiative. While I am certainly 100% pro libraries, it has come to my attention that the fine print, which is almost always vague about misappropriating the spoils of a positive election result, never fails to go without proper restitution. Although I am hardly ever active in the political arena, I did participate in the community meetings for the planning of a new library building which would be replacing the diminutive structure within the same region. During the preliminary design stages of this local library, a healthy amount of the participants tried to request garden space to be implimented for a backyard. The architects heard us and designed a small patio-like section with two iron benches and overhanging beams.

The benches lasted in their designated position for less than one year before they were relocated to the front of the building, near the entrance. I've been trying to request their return as the path to the entrance of the library from the street has now become obstructed by them. Long story short, I have little faith in the system when it's plain to see the ADA laws being ignored, the unsanitary condition of the area surrounding the newly positioned benches, and the loitering that takes place where the benches now invite late night gatherings. This truly gives me a sense of intellectual highway robbery.

So it's my opinion that the L in this measure represents little else than the French translation of She, as in the Stieg Larsson reference of She of TV4, a term used in Sweden for a popular news segment on television. Stranger things have been pulled off by city councils hard pressed to raise funds. Because I don't see any recompensation under consideration for the bald face heist of two little iron benches, it's my impression that an effort to appease my adulation for She of TV4 is the city council's way of addressing my concerns, as well as those in the community who've been affected by this dastardly move. This campaign is an obvious political ploy to doublespeak there way through a declining readership by allowing the hijacking of citizens by the cyber highway.

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