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The techy nerds strike again

There was a time when Internet access was still hackable at the terminals where the workerbees are stationed. The techies tried to block it once before by using a login system that limited any kind of administration settings, like removing proxy servers.

Someone came up with the idea of holding down the shift key while logging off (or restarting), and that seemed to bring up the login window where user name and password could be used to set up the 'puter like the rest of the terminals, with web access. No more. I don't know what they did down in the computer room where all the computer wizards congregate, nor can I make sense of what all the IP numbers mean when they differ from station to station. I dont want to know for fear I might be impelled to try to change them and risk crashing the system. I don't need the added stress.

I'm back to database browsing with floppy disks in the drive. It's not so bad. The library has an interesting collection of databases. The one I find most interesting is the newspaper/magazine database. What can I say, I'm a news junkie too.

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