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Coffee club

So, in the spirit of capitalism, I decided to do a quick number crunch of the remaining coffee pods before breaking out the new shipment of Nespresso coffee. Coffee has gone up be a few cents BTW.

Of the last few pods left from the previous coffee order, I used a little less than half. About 42%. That comes out to roughly $27.50 I should see in the collection tin.

chuckvideo had mentioned, in a comment from a previous entry, that an office environment deserves to have free coffee for workers. I agree, but since we're talking espresso quality java here, unless I was within the top half of high grossing employees, the expenses are just too steep. Maybe I expect too much from co-workers to see things my way. Folgers or Nespresso? Starbucks vs. Streaming ones own espresso for less than half the cost.

If I put myself in their shoes, yeah maybe I might have the suspicious feeling that I was being set up. After all, cafein is addicting. God forbid that such a good deal might be a scheme of tests to measure ones will power. But I thought I was the only person with paranoid delusions.

Seems like everything is balancing out OK. I've been eyeing the new Alta Lofts in Lincoln Heights. They have a Twitter account and last week I received an obvious bloopers Twitter about a two story unit, approx. 2,000+ sq. ft. for only $380K+ I know it was a bloopers becuz I "liked" it, and the following Twitter contained a more accurate description on a 2 story, 1 bedroom loft, approx. 2,000sq ft for $800k+. Ironically, the previous Twitter suddenly dissappeared. I didn't know twitters were deletable.

Anyhow, if I ever did find the balls to invest in my own property, I think I still might be able to swing coffee supplies for the office coffee club.

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