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The social network

The DVD for The social network is available. I love my job. Whenever new stuff comes in, we pretty much get first dibs on it.

I wasn’t excited about watching this film because everyone knows how the truth is totally misrepresented for the sake of entertainment. I really enjoyed it though. I especially love it when the computer nerd, Mark Zuckerberg, talks computer geek. I would have found it difficult to follow the dialog without the assist of subtitles. I’m not deaf or anything, but the first few scenes are spoken too fast and I couldn’t keep up. It made me wonder why the movie industry would be so hard pressed to be coming out with 3D effects in a slew of coming attractions. I can't imagine that people are really going to go for the idea of a TV that makes everything 3D. Why?

If it were up to me to create a new fad, it would be to create a new way of watching movies, except not in 3D with funny glasses. I would create a feature to allow the audience, in public theatres, to opt in or out for having subtitles present. I mean, I want to watch the movie The king’s speech, but I’m not going to pay the overpriced admission tickets to see a film that no doubt would include fast dialog with thick English accents. What movie lovers need today is not 3D, but a form of technology that could hide the subtitles for those peeps who don't have the unique lens that will use filtration to bring it out. No, it doesn't help to have the sound system blaring at full volume either. If people can screen their currency under black light for identifying funny money, then I'm sure there's a way to include subtitles for people who prefer to read the dialog.

The social network includes some back story of the guy who invented Napster. I didn’t know, or perhaps just blocked it out, but the Napster guy may have had a great part in the development stages of Facebook. It's important to choose a cool name for your company because everyone knows that the word 'the', if preceding the name of your company can be deemed a downer. One of the reasons I haven't seen The rite is because the movie begins with the word 'the'; plus, I think it's rated PG13.

I remember Napster. That was a fun site while it lasted and it was sad to see it disappear as a result of big corporations. At the time, I was very much pro music industry defending their artistic rights. Now I’m for the little guy, the computer nerd. I can't remember when or how I first got invited to Facebook. My friend at the library had mentioned. That, and plentyoffish dot com. When I finally created an account, I couldn't make heads or tails out of it. Quite honestly, I feel the same about the millions of dating sights out there. They're filled with plenty of women whom one might assume are interested in meeting new friends, but when it gets down to it, either I'm an asshole like Zuckerberg, or women are teases.

I had used my MSN account to find friends on Facebook and I slowly began the process of finding my way around. I don't really use Facebook now. Oh! it was totally cool seeing that Zuckerberg had his own livejournal before he invented Facebook. You go, Frank. A young Canadian who chatted with my on AOL went to live in the UK and she still remembered me when I poked her with a "hello". We don't chat anymore. She also got me turned on the RAMMSTEIN. I have a few friends on Facebook, but the honest truth is, I rather chat with them live and in person instead of in text mode.

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