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I'm not happy about my connectivity with sprint. I have a data account for the ZTE Peel, which I guess works fine when I'm outdoors, but while I am working on my laptop, the Internet is slow. So so slow. It just never finishes downloading my pages. Yesterday I took a picture with my phone because I thought it would be fun to work on creating a vignette effect on photoshop. I've been kind of just waiting for some eye catching thing to snap a photo of, and because I had the cell phone on hand, I used that instead of walking all the way home to get the digital camera. Well, here's how it went.

Somebody at Sprint had told me, since I don't have data services for the cell phone, that I can picture mail my own cell number to get the picture in my photo album online at So I did that, no problem. I receive the picture mail on my phone and when I get home, I try to use the ZTE Peel data account to access I was on the phone with them all day troubleshooting the problem. I had to bring the Peel into a store to have them upgrade the data profile and PLS or some such. I finally get the picture into the computer late in the afternoon. This morning I worked on creating the vignette.

Had I taken the picture with a digital camera, I wouldn't have spent all freaking day on it. Internet sucks. I envoy people who don't own a computer. The thought of my ZTE Peel malfunctioning and leaking a dose of radiation while I held it up close to become explosed did cross my mind. Wouldn't it be something if cell phones and modems were able to malfunction in such a way remotely? People would be crying out "Foul!!!", but there would be no proof. No evidence. OMG, I'm so depressed. Not only have I come to be dependent on the freaking Internet, not only was I weaning myself off it when I cancelled my at&t account, with the limitation of broadwidth cell companies offer, I convinced myself I would use it only for email, updates to blog, newspaper articles, etc. but now it seems doing these limited tasks takes more time that it did when I had DSL. Fuxake


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