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(click for illustration)       I had a nightmare about aliens the other night. It was a dream that was intense enough to wake me up at about 4:30a; so I turned on the night lamp and jotted as much down as I could remember. That same day, I couldn't help but think about the graphic carnage, and suddenly remembered that I had skipped a scene in which I had bitten my lip. I mean, I really bit into it and blood was flowing and I was sucking the blood… I somehow connected that to the mole that my father has on his lower lip (same lip in my dream).
      So I said to myself, it would be cool to get all these anecdotes as scenes of some character in a movie. Why? How would it work? Well, it seems that films lead their audience into a trance to follow the moods and emotions of the main character anyway (like spying from a fly on the wall's perspective). So I fig, if that's being done, why wouldn't it work in my own screenplay.
      I guess the answer is, if my screenplays seem anything like my illustrations, I'm in trouble.
      So far I have scenes about
  1. Heart stopping events at work with new (ex-gf) employees
  2. Some bizness about Covenant not to compete
  3. A mad dog/dead pooch incident
  4. Snips from a conversation with friends about life
  5. What may have been a real life abduction experience (if I believed)
  6. Something similar to the Hush episode of Buffy, the vampire slayer
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