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Xhilling at the Amerixana with a slight buzz on red wine

Yes. That night I went to Tavern, I caught a nasty big in my chest. While I'm still thirsty for fire water, most drinks come chilled, and that's not what I need right now. I skipped lunch in exchange for cough drops. Well, I was going to eat at Islands but their window booths were all raken. I'm obsessed with train spotting black Range Rovers, so I hung out in the front of Islands.

Around the time my meter was about to expire I returned to my bike parked on the street. Fortunately o spotted an ideal spot for where exactly I wanted to spot this black Range Rover I'm so obsessed with. Guess what. I saw one. Ironically, or not, I was already poised on bike raring to go. I caught up with aforementioned Range Rover and then I discovered I didn't have the urge to pee anymore. I peered into car. I saw very attractive lady with urchin black hair. Having decided my hunger was more important seeing my frustration at finding the ultimate car had failed, I rolled into parking lot at Americana almost taking down two young female Tweens.

Dinner at Trattoria, Penne, red wine. Red is important because that's the stuff that is served unchilled. Had 2 glasses. Totally feeling fine. Walked into Armani Exchange, picked up new duds, moseyed on down for a ticket to the fighter. I know I want to see a sad movie because the whole SUV debacle is just getting the best of me.

Just my luck, movie doesn't start until 1hour. Sitting by parking lot entrance now typing this. I can get use to this. Another key point where I long to find the ultimate Range Rover. Meanwhile, train of thought straying to screenplay I'm writing.

Scene: street
Characters: Bier, Aaron

Conversation ensues over shit like scoring on loose women. One character says the women at bars are too predictable that they're downers. What really seems enticing is hooking up with attractive women out on the town doing whatever. Shopping, eating, etc. Like a spur of the moment kind of thing. But unless you have a great one-liner, all hope is gone.

The experiment: get one of the most sexiest dudes that drive women nuts and sit him down exactly where I'm sitting now, the entrance to the parking lot at the American and watch how nobody makes any effort to get near hunk in question.

What we've learned: lines matter


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