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Hello, maybe you can direct me to the nearest bar

My computer doesn't know what day it is today. Since the short black out in Echo Park/Edendale a few weeks ago, I think I've had to reset the date twice. But there had also been another black out before that. I can't remember how long ago, but I guess I could narrow it down to 2010. I never know what the cause is for the black outs. Sometimes the neighbors say that it was an automobile accident which knocked down a telephone pole, other times I hear that the wind knocked down a tree that shorted a telephone pole. The end result is usually foobar for my computer, TV, Tivo, and whatever else that can possibly suffer electronically.

Today I helped my sister a little bit with a Eucalyptus tree that she had chopped down. I don't believe it is a Eucalyptus tree. The leaves were more like oak or elm, but Eucalyptus is vastly different. I'm not a tree person, but one day I was walking by the river and noticed a strong aroma that I assumed was attributed to the tree in my path. Out of curiosity, and back in the day with I had DSL, I search the Internet for information on the fragrant tree with the curvy single blade leaves. I'm 99% sure these are the true Eucalyptus trees. I remember because I had found some description of medicinal qualities this plant can be applicable for; though what exactly, I forgot.

So, I get home with a truck load of logs to burn next year. The tree is too moist to try to light this winter, so I'll have to set them out in the sun. When the landlord catches a gander at my load, he screams and shouts, "you aren't putting that shit on this property. You better leave that crap in your truck bed because I don't want to see it on my property." What an asshole, right? Fuck!

I'll have to chop them down further and store them by the chimney, inside my house. That's a good thing because it gives me incentive to clean that area of the house. It's currently cluttered with Oy's food trays, vitamin supplements, etc.

It made me think how nice it would be if I owned my own place. But it's too stressful at work, and I can't tell you how many times I get worked up there to the point I just want to say "take this job and shove it!" Investing in a home means thirty more years of that kind of bullshit. I so wanted to retire while I could still do shit, but let's face it… at this age? An ol' friend dropped by work and asked me when I was thinking of getting married and I replied that there's no foreseeable future to that because, though I try by at least joining dating services, the bottom line is I have to lower my standards. I have to lower my standards because the women I'm interested in either turn out to be mothers, not interested, or players. Maybe I'm too paranoid.

I do the best of my situation. I live in a small extension fashioned in the style of a cabin. Of course I'm going to want to use the fire place. In fact, I was thinking of getting a pot belly pig to roast while I had a nice big fire going. Heh. That's not true. I asked my brother-in-law what those small indoor stoves are called that are used to heat a house and he said pop belly stove. Or pot belly stove. Whatever. This winter I've been freezing my ass off. I don't use the gas heater because it leaks. I don't burn logs because the gas heater is occupying the space in the fire place where I can light a roaring fire. The smart thing to do is find a buyer on Craig's list for the like-new gas logs I picked up at Costco last year.

I get tweets on my phone from Alta lofts. They're still trying to sell units and the prices are continually going down. One twitter I received said I could own a loft for $1,650 per month. I twittered back a reply: does that include HOA fees?

I can't figure out how twitter works. I've been trying to make sense of the tweets from ananbcla but confusingly misread all the @ (at) symbols. It's hard to tell what who tweeted. I've had to download hootsuite just to get a feel of what RT (retweeting) is like. I'm reminded of my early Internet days when I would send myself e-mail just to see if I configured the settings correctly.

The more I think about moving out of here, the more I want to cancel my cell phone and go back to LAN lines. I have vintage rotary phone I would like to revamp. I mean the frame is a little beaten up, but it still works. When I say revamp, I mean I would like a new microphone and a new earphone so that the audio quality is aces. Next, I would cancel my HBO. I would still pay for hi-def, but I won't get all the cool harsh language on my TV, not to mention the nudity. If I did that, no doubt I'd be out picking up prostitutes interested in earning a few dollars for modeling.

I would keep the computers and find another inexpensive Internet Provider if Sprint refuses to honor my ZTE Peel without a regular cell phone account. I need the Internet. I'm just hooked. But all my serious writing would be done on an old school typewriter. I'd probably get rid of my bed and take with me a rattan couch that can be pulled out into a bed because the space in those lofts are cramped. I wish there was somebody I could talk to who could evaluate my income and tell me whether I am a prime candidate to own one of these loft spaces.

I mean, when I think of the restrictions of renting, I nearly explode. I'm sure there are restrictions wherever a person lives. You know, recycling responsibilities, dumping responsibilities, yard maintenance, upkeep, etc. I've been wanting to find the ultimate ljer who blogs about the difference of residential living compared to loft living. You know, the pros and the cons. If I ever manage to accomplish this goal of independence, perhaps I will focus a major part of my blog to this kind of reflection. God knows, being a first time loftowner could be a scary thing.

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