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Since it's first episode, I've been glued to the TV for Community, with the exception of the x-mas stop action episode in 2010. Now it seems I'll be missing yet another episode because of the guest apearance of Malcolm J Warner. The two things I have a very short tolerance for is Sit-n-sleep commercials and Theo. Rolling Stone seems to have joined the boobtube bandwagon with me as they reviewed the show in a positive light.

My current fav sitcom isn't on NBC, however, it's ABCs Cougar Town. I almost abandoned that show too when I learned that Courteney Cox's character is named Jules. It reminded me of the daughter of a co-worker my mom use to work with, AND later I end up meeting this obnoxious person as a co-worker myself. It was hellish being around her, and that shrill voice could always put me on edge. Cougar Town is so funny. I turn close captioning on so I don't miss a thing. I'm hoping the longer i watch Courteney Cox as Jules, the sooner I'll be able to erase that image of a co-worker out of my head. She was let go some time ago as a result of cut backs. I'm still haunted by the thought that she might one day return, even if it's only to say hello to her old co-worker friends.

Last night's cable movie was Machete. That's a keeper. If I wasn't too lazy to hook up the laptop and dub the film to burn later, and if hi-def quality wasn't lost in the process, I'd save it. Unfortunately Direct TV only gives me one day with the rental once it's been seen the first time. I don't mind the $5 price tag as I still end up saving a few bucks by watching at home, not in theatres. If it's approved, I think I'll watch an anchor again tonight. There's so many sexy women in that flick.

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