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It's time to move on. I'll just finish up the calendar and put the whole website idea to bed.

At least for now, I'm happy. I completed the homepage I've been envisioning for the past couple years after seeing so many other inspiring ideas ljers have created as their own website. Ok, it's not as sophisticated as a person who has a graduate degree from Pasadena Art & Design College, or a somebody who has the luxury of unemployment time to focus more attention on their html code.

I'm still tweaking the table of numbers that reminds me of the movie by the Wachowski brothers. Hmm? the name escapes me. It's with Keanu Reeves, about a computer hack who escapes from his enslaving society. Oh well, never–mind.

Said to myself, this simple page that I created—oh, I'm sorry, here I am talking about a homepage link I supplied in my lj profile, and I'm referring to child site which links to it and that you may not have discovered because the link is hidden behind a cursor icon implanted on a typewritten sheet screenplay dialog—lets get back on topic then. shall we? The page sums up what I intent the story to revolve around. I didn't have space to include the stray ideas, and now it seems I've lost my train of thought.

It's been difficult dealing with writers block, but I am trying to discipline myself to write in this screenplay format even for my entries here on lj. But that might seem a bit psycho in that it would mean that something like this rant be placed in a dialog format. Ugh. No way. I get some of my best ideas from the feedback I receive by readers.

But you see, this is what I mean. I created this one html homepage like a page of a screenplay in the hopes that it would set some kind of inspiration to continually post in screenplay format (on my blog). It didn't take long to scan, tweak, upload page 34 to my tripod account, but then I thought a hot link would be nice. It took several days to put the "calligraphy" page together. I struggled my way thru photoshop to learn how to do rollovers. That's what I'm currently tweaking now. Can you believe I didn't know how to do rollovers on photoshop? See where I'm going with this? Meanwhile, I've neglected my screenplay.

The character I'm writing about, Bier, has issues with socializing. I couldn't get it all on one page, but I tried to convey his disposition by conveying his withdrawal from interacting with other people because of his anger of his nemesis, a bully who knocked him on his ass. He refused to associate with anybody who had any affiliation with that bully in particular, but because he didn't know who knew who, he played it safe by blocking everyone from getting close to him.
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