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35mm from an instimatic 100? I don't believe it.

Out of a roll of 26 exp, I was only able to take four or five successful shots, but that's mainly because I was playing around with the idea of replacing the lens with a pinhole. I like the way the film gets exposes the film all the way to the spokes with the original lens, so I think the pinhole vignette effect will be more trouble than it is worth. However, the main set backs of using a 35mm roll on the camera is the light leaks which have to I tape up, advancing the film blindly, give and take exposure mechanism, and the loading process.

This picture was actually overexposed. After scanning the neg. into my laptop, I made a few adjustments in contrast and color and whatever else possible on the Preview software running on my mac. Nothing elaborate because my Photoshop/Preview skills are still very promitive.

Before sending this roll in for processing, I was weighing the pros and cons of saving up for yet another camera, like a Diana mini, a Golden Half, or a Blackbird Fly. These 3 cameras each have some of the characteristics I would like, such as compactness, sprocket exposure, vignettes; but it seems that I lose effects with compactness, and I lose portability with special effect. This whole camera obsession started when I through out my back carrying a backpack with an Olympus old school camera while hiking with a friend. I don't think I'd have gotten nearly as interesting a picture as I did with this particular Kodak point-and-shoot as I would have with a standard 35mm. This Instamatic was originally designed for use with a film cassette, but I completely destroyed those inner workings to accommodate the 35mm roll. I don't feel so bad anymore for demolishing this vintage camera because I'm sure I'll be using more frequently as one of my favorite cameras from now on.

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