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"One will find what one never gives up the hunt for" - I said that (i think)

io9 dot com link to new zodiac
Gawker link on zodiac change

I have this plot for a screenplay which I am writing backwards. Well, not exactly backwards in the sense of Memento, but in the sense that I know what the ending will be and who will die; I just don't know how to bring the story to it's end. The death is bitter sweet in that it is both gory and enlightening. Nutshell, a happy face is printed on the pavement in the victims blood.


That's what I've been asking myself. That is the main conflict that has blocked me, but I think I am going to be able to weave a plot with the astrological links above. This is a love story, you know. And the gist of these new astrology links to the romance is that pisces and aries are really different signs and probably would have to work hard in a relationship only for it to end in disaster. That's what I thought... but in reality there is a loophole. The woman this story is about happens to have been born under the sign of pisces according to the new astrology. Hello!? That means the two lovers were compatible, duh.

Btw, this discovery came to me by way of ljer and all around ass-kicker jennreese
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