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Angels & Demons

      You know what sucks. I've been troubleshooting my DSL connection ever since my telephone line needed repair. And in the back of my head, I'm thinking "What a scam this merger between SBC and AT&T is" when an SBC technician comes to my house, monkeys with my wiring, gets my telephone working and literally screws up my AT&T DSL connection. I mean, I didn't pay very much for the local telephone company to send a tech out to my place, but I do end up paying for the AT&T technician who came to fix my DSL.
      The kicker is this, after the AT&T tech left, I discover that he disconnected two of the wall jacks that the previous technician had come to hook up. AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!
      Since I have my DSL accessible through wifi, I wasn't really sure where the troubleshooting should start. I'm not one to think like a technician and set a strategic plan to hook up modem to computer and monitor the connection for a spell to see if the problem isn't the modem; then move onward to the airport base station to see if the problem isn't in that. No, the way my brain works, is I turn everything off and turn it back on again. Short of being so frustrated that I would completely trash my junk equipment, I begin pressing buttons here and there to see what they do. What they're for. My printer was working fine with my PC until I got a laptop. btw, anybody need an old, black G3 powerbook?
      This has been spanning the best part of several months and just now I discover there's something interesting to print but I can't.

Apparently, Dan Brown having won (their) case against the authors of Holy Blood, Sony is very eager to rake in the money from the Da Vinci film

and Sony will probably follow that up with the sequel/prequel Angels & Demons. From time to time, I check showbizdata, and today I found Sony Pictures Entertainment to be behind development for Angels & Demons. I read it. It's not that good. The competition should retaliate by doing The chymical wedding.
      Back to topic. So I try to print the page from showbizdata because I know that page will be updated tomorrow and the "sale" of the Sony Pictures deal will become obsolete to us freeloader account holders. I manage to get the printer to work with the laptop running the most current OS version (10.4 or something) and I manage to get it working wirelessly too. Then I move the printer to the other room where the PC is to do exactly what I did with the laptop. I succeed to print a page while the printer cable is hooked up physically to the PC, but when I move it back to the base station, the printing ist kaput. damit!! I don't know if I have to set my laptop to share printer settings and do it that way, but I have to say I'm very tired now. My head hurts and I'm going to call it a day. Of course, quitting this early may mean that I will never manage to solve the problem. I expect I'll mumble to myself in a bitter stupor that I can't print from the PC unless I carry the printer and hook it up, but I may just fall back on my guitar or re-establishing some sense of design ability to appy to my illustrations which I have to say I'm embarrassed for and hope to die soon that I won't have to suffer the shame from the flickr files I've uploaded very much longer. In the meantime, I am experiencing déjà-vu every day now because my paranoia is making me wonder whether somebody, somewhere has read an entry I may have let slipped indicating the way I feel invisible to people in all walks of life these days.
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