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Best example of why I read this ljer's blog

rosefox doesnt really allow comments to be writted in her entries, at least not by me. I dont take offense because i really love the way she thinks. I've clipped an entry called NOW, OPEN UR EYES because if I just include the link, I realize some of you may still not be able to read this as rosefox keeps her journal friends only (me thinks). But wait, if that was true, then that would mean she's included me in her clique of readers. [feeling all warm inside]

The highlight of this comment she has cross posted is The Heroes. This search won't be easy, but I think I have the gist of the story. Because that popular TV show Heroes has a significant corner on the Internet, my preliminary searches are being thwarted. I should just ask for more details on the publication but I have the impression that this lady sometimes reads manuscripts of not yet published material.

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