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Holga series: a perspective on analog exposures

mini cooperAlthough I decided I wanted to start using a Holga for it's unique effects, I still needed to shop these pix for more contrast. It is obvious to me now that the reason I like taking pix on rainy days is for effect AND it seems I still get a vintage flavor using a Holga on fair days. I failed to expose this roll of 35mm to the tracks, but I think I have that problem solved, plus I should be submitting a roll of 35mm that I exposed with a Kodak instamatic -- I know. What? -- soon. I can't wait, frankly.

rainWorried that my photo expedition out to Hlwd was going to result in underexposed shots, I took another picture of the Bourgoise Pig from the opposite side of the street where I took the picture of the mini Cooper. Whatever I like about the double lense is that I can point the camera to the scene and center it however I want before having to remove the lens cap for the actual exposure. This way I don't get rain drops on the lens that matters. Still, I haven't figured out what to do about lightening strikes. This next picture, lightening seems to have blemishes of light leaking in, but I like to think of it as being struck by lightening. I heard a myth about Poseiden causing lightening in an effort to search for the lost love of his brother Neptune.

stairsThese pictures aren't in any kind of chronological order. If I was successful in exposing the tracks, maybe I would've made a greater effort to keep the order in which each picture was taken accurate.

I remember growing up in this neighborhood when there had been two old style gas pumps on the corner of Montana St and Alvarado St. My sister had pointed out to me how she regrets never having taken a picture of it before they were demolished and turned into a car wash. Well, thats the reason for the liquor store picture. This place has been around ever since I can remember. h.o.s.There isn't anything exciting about it. I just don't know how to spot places that are destined to become historical. I tried to take a picture of the Crossroads of the World building on Sunset in Hlwd, but that was a wasted exposure. This picture of House of Spirits may also be a wasted effort, but it is kind of a mockery of House of Pies. At least as far as the name of the business goes.

cat food & beardy

... where you will find a gigantic scan of another rain storm picture. I don't know why the scanner saved this picture in a higher resolution. It's not as if it's the favorite of the lot. It isn't bad. In fact, it's a picture of the corner where Dusty's is located, where I have yet to try the food. It seems cozy enough. The way my work schedule looks, I probably won't get an opportunity to eat there until next week.

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