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Paperclip iPhone/pod stand. Don't go anywhere withou it

Ever since i got this iPod touch, surfing the net has been a priority. However, there's been times, like during lunch breaks, when watching videos is uncomfortable because of the angle in which an iPod lays flat on a table surface.

I made a mental note to duplicate one of the crafty projects I found online (simply google paperclip & iPod). I used a nice big butterfly paperclip and it makes all the difference. I downloaded Devil over the weekend and patiently waited for a work day to watch it. Great flick. Go devil!!

During lunch, I zipped by the drive thru, ordered my shit, found a parking spot and sat in the passenger side eating and watching this film about being stuck in an elevator of a highrise building with only a bunch of flakes as company. Oh yes, and the devil. It's a fun movie to make you best guess as to which of the trapped people is the devil. I was wrong so many times. The movie isn't very scary as say LEGION, or whatever. I can never think of a really scary flick when I need to. I have to be traumetized to memorize a scary movie title by having to watch it on a plane. ORPHANAGE was good.


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