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War monsieur

I can't stop listening to talk radio at night. Night time is when my radio can broadcast signals as far as San Francisco and Las Vegas. I use to set the timer on snooze. I could as long as 90 minutes of listening time before the clock/radio turned itself off. Now I'm using a different radio and that option of snoozing isn't available. Now, what I do is leave the radio on all night long, unless I wake up around 1AM to turn it off in a groggy state.

I know all the topics and news coming out of the radio isn't penetrating in my head. In fact, I probably listen to 20 minutes before nodding off. The question I'm puzzled about is why do I turn the radio on just before bed? Is it a loneliness thing? Must be. The last guest who had slept over wouldn't tolerate the radio, especially talk radio.

Last night I was listening to Coast to Coast, and I couldn't help thinking how paranoid the guest seemed. He kept ranting about alien life and how it's absurd for thinkers and scientists to think that there is no other life form in the universe except for that which dwells on the planet Earth. But reall, I don't know for sure what last night's topic was about. The way the guest was speaking seemed in incomplete sentences. He would start explaining his view only to interior himself with another train of thought. In the end, I could only surmise that the main point of view was to do with alien encounters. I wonder sometimes what kind of subliminal messages must be getting implanted in my head after knocking out at night while the radio continues to play.

That's just my own paranoia speaking though. No doubt a result to shows like Coast to Coast which constantly welcomes callers who have a close encounter story to tell.

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