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Is it a soul train thing, because, quite frankly, that noise streaming out of the computer isn't so

I've never seen a more lazy person who nitpicks in order to get out of doing "their" job. I will call this person big-balls, for the manner in which I remember a neighborhood dog suffering from an enlarged prostate that it dragged along the pavement in it's old age. This person will remain anonymous and will be described neither ad feminine or masculine for it's own anonymity.

Big-balls is assigned paper shuffling responsibilites. An example would be something like updating a calendar filled with events, both for notification purposes and record keeping purposes. Once upon a time, these tasks fell on me. So, in the ongoing harangue of repetitive duties, it comes to my attention that something was left out of an sold calendar. Not being responsible for this particular task anymore, I hand it off to the curent calendar updated.

However, because the update was something that should've been addressed when I was the calendar updated, I am hounded about passing the buck. I'm accused of being passive and lazy. WTF? Here's the list of job assignments I have and the list plainly shows YOU are the calendar updated at the present time. Stop making a mountain out of an mole hill.

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