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(click for illustration)      I'm in one of those situation where anything I say can and will be used against me… You know I don't really like hitting the clubs, lounging around singles bars, and whatever mainly because I guess I haven't found my niche. You know I'm one wild and crazy guy, but today it was a revelation to hear from somebody what a downer a line like "Another day, another dollar" could be. I never really thought about it. I just assumed that hearing that from my boss, made it socially acceptable.
      Apparently not. Jees I wish I had spell check on this. Last year I was in a tizzy about finding a way to greek some text for typesetting a newsletter and what I got was the actual text I ended up using for Pilcrow 6. If you haven't read it, you might find it entertaining. I'm due for another Pilcrow issue this month. Why? Just because I wanted to get an edition out in three consecutive years on May. Besides I keep hearing a rumor that 6\6\6 is doomsday, so I want to get the word out.
      I think I've commited to memory the term solidus. I use a reverse solidus in the date in the previous paragraph. I think renaming the perzine to something like Pilcrow Solidus might work. I could come up with a logo something like so ¶ \
      My world isn't all computers though. I determined to see The Da Vinci Code next week and the week after that, I wanna go see WASP.
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