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Bier de Stone

MicroSoft Access

I will never learn. Years ago, I gave it a try. They say PCs are wonderful with data manipulation. When the data I was using Access for suddenly disappears from one day to the next, I chocked it up as human error. You see, I never read an instruction manual, or text book on how to use Access. I just figured it could basically do the same things other database software can do, and when you think about it, the principle is the same. Create new record, type data in, create new record, type data in, etc...

It was silly of me to try it again after so many years of learning my lesson. I'm taking an inventory of the magazine collection. What ends up missing, what people read, and so on. Unfortunately, the new data I receive comes periodically and I have to add it at a later date. I must've not closed MS Access properly, EVEN THOUGH I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER PRESSING THE SAVE BUTTON, and when I go back into it, nothing is there.

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