Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Holga camera has faulty flash

I am almost certain that I used two new batteries when I bought the camera. I'm not one to stash batteries when I throw out a remote control or a pencil sharpener. Instead, I rather take those half drained batteries and hide behind a brick wall waiting for a squirrel.

OMG, the other day a herd of squirrels were throwing a party on my rooftop. There must've been six or seven of them. A whole family. Jeez, it was like they were having a Barmitzvah. Anyway, I've thought of slingshots, but that would hurt and I don't want to hurt the little critters. Then I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great to fill up a few water balloons and scare them the hell away. But they'd probably just scatter and laugh at me, so I began to scheme another tactic. I thought it might be interesting to boil chili peppers in water and fill the balloons up with that. Hah! then I could kinda pepper spray them when the balloon burst in front of them.

So, my camera. I can't change the batteries mid film roll. So when I finish up this roll of 24 exposures, I'll play around with the flash to trouble shoot it. As it is, this entry's purpose is to troubleshoot my freaking twitter. Link my entries, Twitter. Stop being a hard ass!

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