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Black swan

In an article in the Times with many typos, two movies are compared for the MPAA rating they received. Black swan and Blue valentine both had similar sex scenes, but one received an R rating while the other received a NC-17 rating.

Natalie Portman (of Closer) made the front page of Fangoria magazine for her work in Black swan. It really eases my ability to praise Black swan when it makes the cover of a magazine specializing in horror flicks. The main character in the movie may be opening some doors for costume ideas come Halloween 2011.

I've completely dismantled my reasoning for having a preference to romance genre in film as being because I feel I might learn something about how to interact in relationships. Natalie Portman plays a woman whom in some ways remind me of someone I think of when I watch romantic dramas like Closer. Although her physique is a far reminder of my favorite xgf, her stature conveys something similar to my adolescent love affair with a high school drill team squad member.

What was it in the movie that makes you say you like it?

When I go to a movie and I don't enjoy myself, I can easily depart from the action. It is in this way that I entertainment myself in an effort to stay awake by visualizing myself as a fly on the wall. In other words, when I go to a movie and find myself watching a scene in which a character interacts with their family, friends or loved ones, etc., I can't help but wonder what makes me so privileged so as to have a front row seat to their inner-most private lives. At no time during this movie, Black swan, did I ever imagine myself as a fly on the wall, or a spy camera; so that means it was a good movie.

The scenes I found interesting were the psychological sequences that hinder the mind into believing that one's brain is playing tricks on them. This sense of bewilderment experienced by the characters in the film are transferred to the audience. In one scene in which a mirror is cracked by Natalie's character, the concept of seven years bad luck comes to mind. Whether trick photography was used, a stand-in, CGI, or cut action (as opposed to filming the scene in one take), I found it intriguing to wonder if the actresses had any qualms about it.

There is a hang nail scene which the director seems to use because we've all experienced hang nails at one point or another and we all know how wrenching they can become. There's also a concept of "small ballerinas make good dancers, as opposed to tall beautiful models", that I got out of this film. What may seem eons ago, I used two women to help me forget about my first love. They were named Beatrice and Suzy. Beatrice worked at a hair salon and I loved her for the way she wore her tight jeans, and Suzy was a college student with short hair and a smile and big boobs. Over time, I shorted Beatrice's name to Bea, and Suzy was reduced to the letter "S". Together they were BS, and because I was obsessed with forgetting my heart troubles, I planned to design a logo for stationary and business cards with these initials. I brainstormed day and night for possible names these initials could represent and "Black Swan" had been one of them.

Who in this film would be your next stalking subject?

I anticipate when Natalie Portman gets billed in a movie with Elina Lowensöhn, I will be there. The director, or choreographer, in Black swan is another prospective actor that I might be impelled to watch carefully. His role in this film is one of a womanizer who loves his ballerinas. His Small Ballerinas. That's something I can relate to, but depending on what I uncover from previous films, the fascination might end prematurely. Obsessing over the contributors to movies I like is another direction I can go without prejudice or worry that feelings or insults might be taken as a result of my self absorbed interests in executive producers, casting directors, music scorers, etc. As far as I'm concerned, if none of the main actors or actresses succeed in subsequent projects (like what happened when I fell in love with Bebe of Dirty dancing), I might be impelled to expand my interests to other things until a comeback is achieved.

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