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This is not Blockbuster video

There is a limit to how many DVDs that can be borrowed on your library card. III, three, (3). What that means is, if you have four DVDs, when I scan their barcodes one at a time, the computer is going to deny you the excess videos. That doesn't mean you can juggle the videos in front of me as you ponder in your head which one to leave in exchange for the stray DVD.

Why? I'll tell you why, you unappreciative ingrate. Yes, some of the patrons are able to bring up a stack of four, six, even 12 DVDs and walk out the door with no problem. But they aren't ridiculously thick. Those patrons understand the difference between categories, like the difference between childrens' videos and regular adult (PG13, R) videos, the difference between entertainment videos and documentaries. So, when you ask me whether you can exchange one DVD for the other, the answer isn't no because I want to be mean, it's no because my job is to get thru that thick skull of yours that understanding the different categories is your task, if you truly desire taking more than the limit of three. I cannot help you there because I can't tell you what to watch on your TV. I don't eyeball the selection of videos you bring up to me to check out with the exception of matching the disc inside the box with that of the title on the box. And even then, I could care less; so really, all I am matching up is the barcode numbers printed on the disc.

Thanks again for the sarcastic well wishes for my Thxgiving weekend. I really appreciate that from a moron like yourself. I have to work Saturday, but even if I weren't working... it doesn't excuse you for not having your act together. If I had to scan every video a person wanted to exchange for one they didn't really want to check out, when do you think you would be able to find the time to follow simple instructions for using your library card to borrow videos? Imbecile!!

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